An experienced and knowledgeable project management team is vital to any development project’s success. As one of our core competencies, BMH adopts a project-centric approach that delivers cost savings before, during, and after development. Our proactive project management teams have a record of delivering on budget, on time, reducing client involvement, and all while employing risk assessment and mitigation best practices.

We actively engage all parties to ensure efficiency, continuity, accountability, loss prevention and quality control.

BMH has been integral in solving the unique issues we encounter in medical construction.
— Dr. Munir Ahmad, President, Fin Development


Budget and schedule development

Lease negotiation support

Design team selection and negotiation

Design management

Contract negotiation

Construction management

Vendor coordination

Cost control and risk mitigation

Evaluating staffing or tenant mix and implications to project

Determining appropriate technology integration

Conducting asset protection and security analysis