Saeed MAhboubi


Saeed Mahboubi started his architectural practice 30
years ago after receiving his master of Architecture from University of Colorado and fulfilled his licensing requirements as registered architect in Texas and twenty other states. Saeed being A principal of BMH Architects Incorporated, BMH Asbuilt-USA, FIN Development, is a licensed architect with more than 30 years experience. He earned a masters degree in Architecture and Environmental Design from the University of Colorado. Saeed joined force with Robert Boyd to form BMH Architects where they worked on Hotels, Offices, Retail, Warehouse and several distinguished projects. Prior to that, he held key positions in several well known architectural, construction and development firms. Saeed was a senior associate with O'Brien O'Brien Niefler Callaway Architects for several years, where he managed landmark projects in the southeast United States such as Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, Church Street Station in Orlando, Florida, Shops at the Fountains in Plantation, Florida and others. Saeed specializes in working with Owners, Malls, Retailers and Developers to develop rehab and modified structures. He has works with many well known national clients such as Ross Stores, Marshall's TJ max, Walmart Stores, Lincoln Properties, Rosewood Property Company, JT Evans, Trammel Crow, Henry S. Miller, Universal Studios, Disney and Homart Development. In order to provide comprehensive Development, Design and Construction Services. Saeed proceeded to consolidate BMH Architects and Asbuilt-USA in to current company BMH ASBUILT-USA of Texas in 2015. Currently Saeed is active in design, development and construction of millions of dollars in Multifamily and Healthcare facilities in Texas.


Mohammed Rahel Zafar


Mr. Zafar is an experienced contractor who has built many residential and commercial projects, including retail and restaurant projects in Tyler, TX. He joined BMH last year to expand into the Dallas residential market. He is currently involved in multiple commercial developments in Dallas and East Texas.

Christina Vera

VP Administration

Christina is 14 year employee of BMH who brings her extensive knowledge of projects, finance and organizational administration to the team. She is experienced in job costing, estimating, employee management, draw administration and accounting.


VP Construction South Texas

Roberto hold a degree in architecture, and is well known for unique ultra modern residential architecture. He recently joined BMH to expand into commercial and healthcare development and open a BMH division in South Texas.

Miguel Ramirez

designer and Project Manager

Miguel is an extensively experienced owner, designer, builder and manager whose worldwide travel and knowledge is uniquely expressed into contemporary and creative architecture. Miguel is an educator and a subject matter expert, who inspires students to maximize their potential conceptually, while teaching and utilizing real-world experiences. Knowledgeable in International Building Codes, the American Disability Act, Green Construction & LEED AP for BD+C, LEED for Homes & LEED Green Rater in Training, Architectural & Construction Advanced computer programs that can help communicate with clients. Miguel has an architecture degree from Texas Tech and oversees many residential and commercial projects.


Alex Mahboubi

project manager

Alex has a degree in management from the University of Texas, and is experienced in project accounting, project management and job costing procedures. Alex manages commercial projects in the DFW area.

Jim depetris

legal counsel

Jim is well known in Dallas for his expertise in real estate transactions and administration in the Central Business District as well as all over Texas. Jim provides legal counsel, finance consulting and closing services to BMH on a continued basis.

Juan LAtorre

designer and Project Manager

Juan hold an architecture degree from Columbia and has extensive design experience. Juan oversees many residential and commercial projects, he joined BMH as a residential and multifamily production manager. Juan specializes in3D production and visualization.

Cyrus Mahboubi


Cyrus is experienced in construction management, healthcare construction, a

nd TDH compliance,and acts as a consultant for TDH/healthcare and

multi-unit residential projects. 

Arman Bakhtiari


Mr. Bakhtiari has an engineering degree and decades of experience in commmercial medical contracting. He supervises construction, development and architectural design for commercial medical and multi family residential projects


Brad Friedman

Project Manager

Brad joins BMH with extensive experience in residential

construction, and has been working to grow ties with and

develop Dallas' Cedars neighborhood continuously.